any prns 20 white aquarius istj

DNI basic dni criteria, under 16, use fonts, like; jkr, jeff davis, holland roden, harry styles, johnny depp, noah schnapp

BYF i swear & i type in all caps, i'm sarcastic a lot, i can’t spell, i talk about bolded items most, can be inactive, i delete tweets a lot, interact w meeee

LIKES the hunger games, bones and all, teen wolf, outer banks.. mainly sarahkie, trc and more random shows / films

CHARACTERS peeta katniss finnick cinna lee maren minho newt gally kie pope cleo sarah ca$h darren malakai quinni cam-cameron cooper bronwyn addy nate annalise gabriel nathan merlin arthur will graham hannibal

SHIPS jjpope sarahkie laylivia everlark calliette marenlee thiam allydia morey malydia scira petergwen newtmas gallavich nabrielise petermj cashdarren cheleanor natewyn wilmon merthur morgwen sydcarmy drukkari hannigram

SHOWS first kill the bear teen wolf hannibal shameless heartbreak high the good place modern family 911 obx merlin one of us is lying young royals half bad fnd yellowjackets

MOVIES wild child the hunger games mcu bones and all the princess diaries venom the maze runner harry potter bottoms star trek 10 things i hate about you rwrb etc

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