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DNI basic dni criteria, under 15, ship irl ppl, use fonts, support; jkr, jeff davis, holland roden, colton haynes, harry styles, johnny depp, support teen wolf movie

BYF i swear & i type in all caps, i'm sarcastic a lot, i can’t spell, i talk about bolded items most, can be inactive, i delete tweets a lot, interact w me <3

LIKES teen wolf, the marauders era, bones and all, thg, obx .. mainly sarahkie and more random shows / films that i’ll talk into a void ab on the tl

CHARACTERS scott liam corey mason erica kira boyd theo newt minho gally finnick katniss cinna peeta olivia baker pope sarah kie cleo cam-cameron ca$h darren quinni malakai bronwyn cooper nate addy annalise nathan gabriel

SHIPS allydia thiam drukkari morey peter gwen everlark newtmas kiarah calliette jjpope gallavich scira ronance laylivia charlienick tarcy elmax petermj lumax cheleanor malydia cashdarren nabrielise natewyn wilmon merthur morgwen

SHOWS first kill teen wolf stranger things heartbreak high the good place 9-1-1 obx all american one of us is lying merlin young royals castlevania shameless half bad wolf pack the summer i turned pretty

MOVIES wild child the hunger games mcu bones and all the princess diaries the maze runner venom harry potter star trek fantastic mr fox etc

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